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Average weight
16 to 17 kg of seasonable fruit &
70% vegetables,
30% fruit
Number of people
More than 6

Number of deliveries

Price for 4 boxes : CHF 500.-
Delivery included

Choose your frequency and number of deliveries
Our price discount is based on volume

Organic fruit and vegetable basket, The Gigantic
A large family, a sports team or a group of colleagues?

If your joint appetite is worthy of that of a giant, our gigantic basket has been designed for you!

A family of vegetarians will be delighted with this basket.


Even if you do not live in the same household, think of this basket and how you can share its contents, costs and reduce your carbon footprint for the delivery!
Weekly assortment
previous compositions of basket: Monday 3 october 2022
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2 kilo(s)   Pommes de terre Agata BIO - chair plutôt ferme

1 kilo(s)   Panais BIO

2 kilo(s)   Carottes BIO

2 kilo(s)   Ugly-Bio Tomates rondes

1.5 kilo(s)   Aubergines BIO

2 piece(s)   Ugly-Bio Concombre

2 piece(s)   Ugly-Bio Salade pommée

0.2 kilo(s)   Ugly-Bio oignons

0.5 kilo(s)   Ugly-Bio poivrons jaunes

1 kilo(s)   Patate douce BIO

0.5 kilo(s)   Fenouil BIO

2 kilo(s)   Pommes Dalinette - BIO

0.5 kilo(s)   Ugly-Bio grenades

2 kilo(s)   Bananes FairTrade BIO

0.15 kilo(s)   Epinard jeunes pousses BIO

2 piece(s)   Salade feuille de chêne rouge BIO pièce

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